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ICD-DSM Education Curriculum / Coding, Billing, and Documentation Trainings

BHS's "ICD-10/DSM-5 Coding, Documentation, and Clinical Diagnostic Criteria Training"© is a published and extensive training curriculum for administrators, clinicians, coders, and MD's in the health and human service industry who need to know about the requirements of the ICD-10 and the DSM-5. ICD-10 is not just about "picking the right code." There are specific HIPAA mandated rules about the coding procedures so training is necessary. BHS has developed a thorough analysis and set of training materials to help clinicians and administrators learn this challenging material. All the codes necessary for a comprehensive assessment are included in the training: physical health, complicating factors, self-harm, overdoses, and more. Billing and coding trainings are also provided: E & M, Modifiers, CPT, HCPS, Coding Manuals and more. Trainings are designed with the clinician in mind!

Audience Comments: "Very knowledgable, entertaining, and was able to make vasts amounts of information understandable and relevant to daily practice!" "Overwhelming due to huge quantity of content; however, presenter did excellent job of presenting it."

Electronic Health Records & Technology
EHR Assessments, Selections and Implementations

BHS offers a variety of options to fit your needs, from EHR vendor selection (1-3rd generation) to complex implementations, we know the world of behavioral health EHR's and data analytics. BHS serves as a systems administrator for a BH EHR and approaches EHR projects with "boots-on-the-ground" entrenched experience. Need to quantify the difficulties with your current EHR to justify a new EHR purchase? Use our EHR Functionality Assessment process to determine if your EHR is really the right choice for your organization.

ICD-DSM Assistant
Healthcare Compliance

Who defines what constitutes an "effective" compliance program? Do you have to have one? What is the #1 item that puts behavioral health provider organizations at risk during audits and how can you mitigate this by having a robust compliance program? Did you know there is a definition of a "credible allegation" of fraud?

Armed with a Certificate in Corporate Compliance, BHS can help you in several areas: Auding & Monitoring, Training & Education, Policies & Procedures. And yes, coding, billing, and documentation are all a part of this process. Finally, scalable and reasonable Risk Assessments and management plans are available to meet your regulatory requirements.

IT Assessments
IT Assessments for Human Services

Feel like you are in the dark ages with technology? Do you have many silos of information? Is it difficult to meaningfully make sense of all the data or excel spreadsheets for United Way reporting? There are ways to streamline technology within an organization and to makes sense of the data that your systems generate. Many organizations are still manually manipulating data. Let us help you optimize your technology investments and be a leader in your area. Start with a thorough IT Assessment that addresses strengths, challenges, risks, and your Strategic Plan. Wrap-up with our recommendations and a 5-year technology roadmap for your organization. What's left? All you have to do is say "go"--contact us now!